Friday, January 16, 2009

Static Fun & The Oreo Posterchild

The winter is truly unkind to Charlotte's hair. As soon as I have it combed, she has it looking like this. Whether she's being silly on her "couch" or we have to go somewhere and put on a hat, 99% of the time, I just give up on good hair days in the winter. Oh well, it makes for a good laugh!

This is better than the static ball at the Science Center!

This is the 1% of the time that Charlotte's hair looks nice and it didn't last long. Also in the picture, you'll notice she looks a bit like a pirate, AAARRRR. That is her "eye sticker" as we call it. We are trying to strengthen Charlotte's left eye as it still has trouble pulling in some, especially when she is fatigued. We primarily patch her for 2-4 hours after nap time each day and have special eye exercises to do with her during and after the patch is removed. Did you know you could do eye exercises? They are nothing like areobics however are equally important to help stengthen her eye vs her heart. We aren't sure if we've seen results yet, as we've been doing this for over a month now... We were supposed to see the eye Dr. this week but had to cancel due to a runny nose and icky cough. More on that later...

Love those pig tails!

Charlotte IS the Oreo posterchild. Hearing her say it is even better.

In this picture, you may notice her left arm has something around it. That is a weight we are using to help her be more aware of her arm and hopefully help decrease the "flailing" of excitement, especially at the dinner table. That arm really gets going when she is concentrating on self feeding and getting bites on her for with her right arm/hand. When the right is busy, her left is just jealous and wants to do something too I guess.

The Hawns

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Aunt Linda & Uncle Tom said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! So glad that everyone is home and doing fine. Hope to see you all soon.