Friday, January 16, 2009

The 4ths

First of all, Chris and I just want to say what a great time we had with our friends, the Forths. They are our neighbors that are re-locating only a short distance away but we will miss dearly as we are used to stopping by at random times when we see the kids outside playing. After things calmed down with the holidays, we made plans to get our families together again for pizza and time for the kids to play. What a relaxing, fun evening it was. The kids kept themselves entertained and we were all able to sit by the warm fire and get caught up. We love you guys...
Dave & Nancy

Charlotte and Thomas (2 & 1/2)

We also exchanged gifts with their family between the kids. Charlotte got the Mickey Mouse backpack/games. Of course she loved it!

We got them the game "Pass the Pigs" aka for those of you who are old school, "Pigmania". We loved playing this game growing up. The kids were so good that the adults actually had a chance to play that evening.

To Nancy, Dave, Audrey, Katie and Thomas, lets make this a habit and get together again soon!
The Hawns

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