Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 2009

Believe it or not, on New Year's Eve, we were silly enough to tackle painting our bedroom and having our family over that night. Somehow, we got it done and all put back together. I think it was because Charlotte was such a good helper (aka, took a good nap).

Don't worry, Daddy's arms were right there to catch her...

Monkey Bars

On New Year's Eve, we couldn't resist putting the kids in the tub together for some fun.

What cute little babies

Our family on New Year's Eve. Charlotte is sporting the hat she had made at school that week. She didn't get to stay up until midnight, but I wanted a picture with her hat on. So cute!

Just before the ball dropped...
Chris & Kim

Pat & Kristy

Nathan Hanks & Terry

Steve & Kim
2008 had lots of good memories and good moments. We have learned so much about our daughter, marriage and family and look forward to seeing them all grow in 2009!
The Hawns

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