Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas with the Hawn's

Since we were going to be gone for Christmas, we spent some time with Chris' family before we left on Monday night.
The kids were quite comfortable using Grandpa as a jungle gym that evening...

We also celebrated and exchanged gifts between the kids with Pat and Kristy before we left to go to Kansas to see my family.

Jeff is really into Elmo right now

Then, after a long trip home, we got to open presents with Chris' parents on the Sunday after Christmas

Charlotte's first Barbie

Tackling a big box with Grandpa's help

Charlotte really likes "playing" her new "piano". Maybe we will have a real one someday...

Although we weren't able to spend the holiday with Chris' family this year, we had a great time exchanging gifts and made up for lost time on New Year's...
The Hawns

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