Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good News

Our ultrasound appointment today couldn't have gone any better. The baby is doing very well! Measurements were all on target for the gestational age, and the CEREBELLUM was seen clearly! That means there is no way this baby has the same problems Charlotte did. Now we just have to pray that my water doesn't brake early. But, everything was wonderful today. I am supposed to return in 10-12 weeks for a follow-up appointment just to look at the structures of the heart and brain one more time, but nothing that was seen today was concerning. And, the gender is still a surprise!

Hello everyone!

Those are the feet I feel tapping me every now and then. The baby was still head down and has been everytime we have had an ultrasound.

The baby had it's arms above it's head, holding hands many times like it was kicking back and relaxing. Now, we can too!

The Hawns


dickinsonfamily said...

Oh Jenn! I'm so happy for you all! Such wonderful news.

The Frost Family said...

This is fantastic Hawn family! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

The Frost's

Jennifer Olliges said...

So happy for you! Wishing the rest of your pregnancy will remain hospital free! Thinking of you often!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Jenn!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...