Monday, September 1, 2008

Flight of Ideas

Pictures As Promised
Riding in the new wagon Grandma got her...

Great Grandma and Grandpa Pool reading a bedtime book

We went to the famous (around where my mom lives) Louisburg Cider Mill. It is one of our favorite places to visit, especially during the fall. Charlotte is sampling one of her first cider doughnuts. Her reaction, below...

Posing for an unconventional picture

This was the first picture Grandma had with both of her Grandbabies, and they both looked at the camera!

Grandma wanted to celebrate Charlotte's birthday since she can't come for the real thing. Charlotte was pretty interested into the cake, until... the tray nearly fell off and the cake too. After that startled her, she wanted NOTHING to do with the cake and preferred to eat a banana...

Posing with her gang

Charlotte and I are doing our Elephant noises and motions...since there are no sound effects with this picture, I'll let you fill them in.

Daddy posing while Charlotte opens some gifts

Daddy and Uncle "Ne-ne" playing with Charlotte's toys... hmmmmm

There will be pictures in this post at some point, but since we left Thursday and returned home today to a dead computer.... the pictures will have to come later. Thankfully, our cable/internet is still working, and Sara and Nathan were kind enough to let us borrow their laptop to pay our bills. We didn't want our Electric shut off too!

Anyway, we had a great weekend spending time with my family in Kansas. We have been very busy in our household, so getting away from all of the projects we had going probably was a good thing, although we are feeling the urge to complete them now more than ever because we are so close. We have all of the tile cut, just need to set them and then grout, the door is up and the transition between carpet and tile is finished. Next we will be painting the ceiling, putting up the shower walls, installing the vanity, toilet, etc. The light is at the end of the tunnel.

Another project was my doing. I found some furniture for a great buy on Craig's list for Charlotte's new room. We are moving the office downstairs, putting Charlotte in the room that was the office and girlifying it, and leaving the baby room mostly the same. Her furniture needed sanded and painted. So far, we have done the sanding and priming, so again, we are in the home stretch with that project as well. It is going to be fun fixing up her room. The theme is "butterflies" since she loves them so much.

So, as you can see, we have plenty of things to keep us busy in the evenings after Charlotte goes to bed. Not to mention my own project, "Growing Baby Hawn #2". I know things are supposed to get bigger faster the second time, but this baby certainly isn't messing around. Those of you who thought you could see a "baby bump" before wouldn't have to look very closely now. It is amazing the difference between this pregnancy and the last. Chris and I feel that that is a good sign and welcome almost anything that differentiates the two, especially a healthy growing baby. All suspicions about this baby will hopefully be answered in the next 4-5 weeks. I go back to my OB on Sept. 15th and then we should schedule my ultrasound. Most exciting though has been the fact that I have already felt the "flutters" from this baby.

And finally, Charlotte's update is last.... We went to the GI Dr. this past Wednesday, as I had written in my previous entry. She weighed in there at 17# 11oz, so pretty much the same as what the nutritionists scale said. We talked about a lot of things, but the conversation ended like this. We are all THRILLED that Charlotte is still eating! GREAT, WONDERFUL! So, lets see what she can do. We go back to see the GI Dr. in October, and if she hasn't put on weight by then, we are going to look into the possibility that Charlotte may have something wrong with her Anterior Pituitary, the organ in the brain that produces Growth Hormone. That same organ also produces Thyroid Horomone, something we already know Charlotte is deficient in, so, the idea isn't that far fetched. But, we want to see what she can do with all of her eating. We are told that she will experience a "refeeding" process where her body stores what she has been lacking. Then she should gain weight. The Dr. says that 2 months should be sufficient time to see a difference. So, we wait and add calories to anything we can get her to eat. Chocolate milk anyone? Ultimately, of course you all know that I am rooting for weight gain, especially since the testing for Growth Hormone isn't as simple as it may seem it should be, and if she is deficient, it would require daily injections. Nobody wants that for their child and I am not exempt. Then next time Charlotte is really scheduled to be weighed other than with the GI Dr. in Oct. is her 2 year check-up with her Pediatrician at the end of this month.

Which brings me to a new topic, Charlotte is almost 2!! I can't hardly believe it, but Chris and I unanimously feel that this year has been much better than the first. We have seen so much improvement with Charlotte and the eating is literally the whip topping and cherry on top of the sundae. (or whatever you like on yours that is fattening, I would choose peanut butter fudge myself). We are really pushing Charlotte to walk, walk, walk. We want to strengthen her legs and really push her in the next few months with her eating so well now, it makes it so we have the energy to focus on other important things more too. She LIKES wearing her special shoes now, and really seems to want to walk more. I hope we are soon able to teach her how to steer with her walker and learn how to navigate with it better.

And finally, I promise, her blood pressure. She is still on the higher dose as we had talked about. I haven't seen a huge change, and will probaly be emailing her Nephrologist with some numbers by the end of this week. I'll let you know what happens on that front as well.

Goodnight to those of you who read my rambelings... I have had a lot in my head for the past few days, the pictures may have to go on a completely new entry.

The Hawns

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Great post! I'm looking forward to the pics that accompany it. :) Make sure to include one of you--I want to see that growing tummy!