Saturday, August 23, 2008


We have had an interesting week... I was expecting to be situated at Cardinal Glennon Hospital again next week to alter Charlotte's blood pressure medications, only to be told that we are going to increase her medication one FINAL time. We have increased it 4 times since 7/25. I guess the Doctor is hopeful, and I am trying to be as well because I really don't want to put Charlotte back in the hospital. But, I do want to do my best to help her. I have told Chris that the only reason I am not more upset about putting this off again is because she is eating...which is another story....
Charlotte is so well behaved when it is time to take her blood pressure. We do it basically every time I change her diaper so the Doctor has a better idea of how the changes in medication are affecting her. Although there is still no insight as to why she is having this problem.
So the eating, yes, it is wonderful! I can only hope she will gain weight since the nutritionist came yesterday and weighed Charlotte. She was weighed on the same scale in May....and guess what? She hadn't gained at all :-( Her scale showed Charlotte at 17# 9 oz. My heart sank. Ahhhh...all the calorie boosting, force feeding, tube feeding didn't get us anywhere except kept us from falling backwards...I think. I am so glad I no longer have to force feed, but the lack of weight gain makes me feel that our efforts, no matter how great, may never show the results we long for. I know all kids are different, but to put it in perspective, we determined Charlotte's height, and then calculated her Ideal Body Weight. She is the average height of a 14 month old... 30 inches. The average weight then, of a 14 month old is 22 lbs. So, as you can see, Charlotte is 4.5 lbs. light. That is a lot on a body that is only 17.5 lbs anyway.
So, let's just say we aren't in the clear. We see Charlotte's GI Dr. on Wed. I have many questions for her... We'll see what her scale says, but at least I'll be prepared now that I know. My other concern is also that Charlotte is having trouble with BM's. She is straining pretty hard without production for days. I am increasing the amount of juice I give her. Does anyone have any tips or have you experienced this when your child started eating more solids?
Thanks so much!
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