Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting Together & Zoo Take 2

We had a great time with my friends Angie & Dave Stonner, and their 2 children, Maggie (2 years) and Sam (6 months) this past weekend. Saturday, we just got together for dinner and let the kids play together in the back yard.

Sam taking a turn in the swing with Angie

This is a quilt I made for Sam, as I made one for Maggie when she was born also. This is a special achievement for me because it is the first quilt I have hand quilted. His room is decorated in sail boats, hence the theme of the quilt.

Sara and Nathan also came over for a little while on Saturday. As we sat on the couch, we were wondering if this was the last "preggo" picture I would take with Sara. Nathan just had to get in the picture too... : )

ZOO Take 2

Sunday we took the kids to the Zoo and had a great time because the weather was unseasonably cool that day. We got drizzled on a little, but a few sprinkles was much better than a hot stinky day. We saw a lot of the big animals, including the tiger, hippo, elephants, giraffes, and even the bears doing tricks.

Dave & Maggie Chris & Charlotte

This is the hippo tank. We waited for a long time for him to come out into the water, and just as we walked away, here he came. Of course we went back to watch him swim.

Charlotte lovin' Daddy for his enthusiasm about the Zoo.

This is almost an identical picture from last year... *see below* Wow, has she grown!


Us and our kids....I am holding the two girls to balance me out since Sam (the 6 month old) almost out-weighs both of them!!


The shirt Charlotte is wearing is the one we got her last year...size 6 months...still fits. Who would have thought??

Charlotte loves to make the bear sound. That is what she is doing in the picture.

Tuckered out...just couldn't wait until we got to the car. By the time we arrive there, I think Angie's arms were equally as tired.

We had a great weekend, thank you Angie and Dave for making the trip!!

The Hawns

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