Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First Day of School

So it starts, the first day of school pictures. What a special day it was for us today. Charlotte attempted School/Daycare again this summer, and passed with flying colors today. Last year, you may not know, but we tried taking Charlotte to Day care... we were only able to take her 3 times total because she got too sick and her little body just couldn't handle all of the germs. But, with her heart surgery behind her and a few (not many) more pounds added, we are giving it a go again. The School she is attending is also where most of her therapists are based out of, and her therapy will increase while she is there for the first few months. This is a school that is for normal children and children with special needs, and we feel that of any daycare, this is hopefully the best place for her.

We are all so excited for her to be able to interact more with kids her age to hopefully help motivate her and feel her age. Maybe, just maybe this will help with her eating habits as well. We are praying that the exposure to germs doesn't set her back too much.

So, for her first day, Charlotte got rave reviews from the teachers. (I had gone with her for a couple of mornings this past month to help her integrate into the classroom, which was hopefully part of the reason today was a success). They said she interacted well with the other kids, didn't eat great but that will come, and that she loved water play and singing songs. I peeked in on her shortly after I left the room this morning, and she was just hanging out with the other kids at the breakfast table, ready to go, not a tear on her face. That made me feel good, so good. That she is secure enough and brave enough to know that she is in a safe place and that I would return. When I did return to pick her up today, she crawled as fast as she could to my arms. What a great reward! I hope this is just a sign of things to come. She already seemed more vocal tonight. Maybe this is just the "medicine" she needed!

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