Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Baby = Happy Parents

The last post I left you with (besides our NYC trip), Charlotte had just started eating. Thankfully, she kept that up while we were gone for 6 days!! and no one had to use her tube to feed her while we were gone, and we haven't used it since we have returned. Charlotte is a chewing machine! She has her quirks like any kid, but she is doing awesome! At the bottom are some pictures of her at dinner tonight. Chris and I love her new enthusiasm towards food. She was eating meatballs tonight, or as I call them "muscle balls". She is even learning how to feed herself off of her fork. She is Miss Independent now, look out!

The other pictures are from a day I took Charlotte to the park, and then Memorial Day Weekend. We stayed home mostly, but spent some quality time with Uncle Pat, Aunt Kristy and cousin Jefferson, and had a GREAT time. First, we all went to Chuck E Cheese on Sunday evening. The kids had a ball! Then, on Monday, Pat came over to help Chris work on the bathroom, and we let the kids play with Charlotte's water table, then put them in the bath tub together for the first time. All around, we had a great weekend!

One of Charlotte's favorite things to do is SWING!

She is also good at going down the slide and likes to "scoot" to get going.

Chuck E Cheese!!!

Seeing the mouse for the first time...

"Bob the Builder's" driver, aka Jefferson
Practicing walking with Daddy

Their favorite activity didn't cost us any coins. They LOVED crawling in the tunnels. Since they weren't big enough to go by themselves, we took turns crawling around with them. Thankfully, the tunnels held our weight just fine..

Pat, Kristy and Jeff
Chris looking at Charlotte from the ground, she got so excited when she saw how high up she was and that we were on the ground...

Memorial Day
Gracie, inspecting the turtle that the guys brought home. Even though it wasn't moving, she was very curious and scared of it. The turtle was put in a box, and got out...still may be in our yard somewhere???
The kids watching our silly dog.

Splash, splash! They were both soaked by the time they finished playing with the water table. We thought we might as well stick them in the tub...
Do you like their hair-do's?
Very happy to be eating...

Practicing feeding herself with her fork. I would put the meatball on it and hand it to her. She put it in her mouth all by herself :)

Life is Good...

The Hawns

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