Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Big Apple

Here are pictures from a trip to Philli and NYC that we took last week.....just the two of us. I had to go to a conference for work, so we decided to make a trip out of it. We had a great time, aside from some minor problems (I was sick the first 2 days). But, by the time we reached NY, we
both felt well enough to see the sites.
Taking a bus tour in Philadelphia. We thought this was the most efficient way to see most of the city in 1 evening...

One of my favorite pictures, City Hall in the center of the picture, the streets lined with flags from all countries.

The building the Liberty Bell was in had already closed, but we got a picture from the outside.

Where The Declaration of Independence was signed, near the Liberty Bell building...
New York City

We took the bus from Philadelphis to Newark where our hotel was. We didn't stay in NYC to save money. Instead, we took the train in every day and spent the day there. The first night we arrived in Newark, we decided to go on into NYC. We took the train, and then got on the subway to go to Time Square. It took a little work figuring out the rail system, but after the first evening, we had it figured out and were hopping trains like pros.

Times Square, in the pouring rain was awesome! Seeing the lights for the first time at night is a moment I'll never forget. I could just picture the gobs of people that fill that area on New Year's Eve.

The next day we started our day visiting the lower part of NYC where Battery Park is, The World Trade Center Buildings, The Statue of Liberty, etc. This is a picture of the World Financial Building, right next to Ground Zero. We stood where those visitors are and took the picture you see below of Ground Zero.

Ground Zero

Looking on at The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

This is "The Sphere" that was in the plaza of the World Trade Center Buildings. It was recovered and relocated to Battery Park in March of 2006, still bearing the damage of 9/11. It is a symbol of global peace. Zoom the picture in and read the plaque by clicking on the picture.

On the Ferry, making our way to the Statue and Ellis Island

Lady Liberty

It was a gorgeous day to be out on the water. Here, we are looking on at NYC.

Ellis Island

This is the "Registration Room" at Ellis Island, where the immigrants were first brought to pass all kinds of mental and physical tests.

The second day we spent in NY, we went to the Empire State Building, did some shopping and saw a show. This is looking down from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Click the picture and zoom in. We were so high up, but could still hear the honking of taxi cab horns.

Looking North/West from the Empire State Building. At the top center of the picture, the green is Central Park. The lower block of green is Bryant Park, and to the top left is Time Square.

Many of you probably don't know that Chris and I collect pigs with wings. It started because before we were together, Chris collected pigs, and I collected butterflies. We combined the two, and now collect pigs with wings. Amazingly, we see them almost everywhere, and even saw one at a BBQ place called Spanky's. We had to take a picture because it seemed too ironic.

RENT... a show neither of us knew anything about, which is why we chose to see it over all the other shows playing on Broadway. We had been informed to buy the tickets the day of the show because they were cheaper. When we showed up to buy them, we were informed of a "lottery" system they use to give away 34 tickets for $20/ticket vs. the $55 they normally cost. So, each person can put their name in and request up to 2 tickets. We both put our names in and hoped for the best, and guess what, they drew both of our names!! So, we forfeited 2 of the tickets. The other great thing about it was we sat FRONT ROW. It was amazing and the show was great.

The Naked Cowboy, one of 2 famous people we saw. Only in NY.

Strutting through Time Square our last day.
We had a great time, and of course missed our baby too. But, when we got home, we were so glad we went, and felt refreshed. Exactly why it was so good that we went.
The Hawns

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