Monday, May 5, 2008

A Day Of Firsts

First, an update on Dr. appointments/eating habits. Charlotte had her echocardiogram on Friday and everything looked normal. So, her heart has returned to it's normal size, and her high blood pressure doesn't seem to be causing any changes at this time. We are still unsure why it is high, but the Dr. did finally tell me on Friday that he is sure that she did NOT have any injury to her kidney during her heart surgery now, and that if that was the cause, it would have improved by now. He thinks that the timing of when we "caught it" was just coincidental with her surgery. I did look up some vital signs from her hospitalization in Aug. before her heart surgery. They were slightly inconclusive, her systolic (top #) ranging from 80 - 104. It is possible that it was beginning to manifest then??? But that was without any medication, and we are lucky to get it below 100 now with 2 medications!!
As far as eating goes...the gagging/vomiting during meals lasted approx. a week. As I type that, I can really only say that yesterday and today were better, so lets hope it stays that way. She saw her GI Dr. today, and her weight is just not up where we would like it... she was only 17 # 1 oz on their scale. So, we have some other plans in the making, coordinating with Charlotte's nutritionist also. We are going to try taking her off the prevacid for reflux, which I am ecstatic about. The fewer the medications, the better, as far as I am concerned.
Now for the fun pictures....
On Sunday, Charlotte experienced some new firsts. We went over to Grandma and Grandpa Hawns before going to a church function, "Crazy Bowl". Charlotte loved sliding on the slide at their house, and we are currently shopping Craig's List for a used one for our backyard.

All hands on deck...

CRAZY BOWLING....Grandma, Grandpa, Pat, Kristy, Jeff, Kim, Chris, Charlotte and I all went. We had a great time. The first game, we bowled normal...(although it had been at least 3 years for me). The second game, we were given a list of CRAZY things to do. Pictures will explain more below. The last game, we bowled like normal again. Most importantly, we all had a great time.
Jefferson & Charlotte
big smiles

One of the Crazy stunts we had to do was choose a partner and bowl between their legs...


Another task was to have 2 people bowl at the same time... here is Pat & Kristy giving it a shot.

Chris & me

Kim & Grandpa
Grandma was content watching/playing with the Grandkids.
Pat, making Jeff giggle up a storm.
The Hawns

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dickinsonfamily said...

I just laughed out loud looking at all the bowling pictures! Chris is brave. :D

Hopefully Charlotte will continue to do better this week. I wonder what in the world could make the difference between eating well, and gagging/vomiting so much?? Do you have any leads there?

The slide looks like SO much fun! I love to see her feet in the air as she goes down and her hair blowing back! She's a doll.