Monday, March 3, 2008

Surgery Pictures

Charlotte's last bath before surgery. I love the big bright smile on her face here.
Immediately after surgery in the ICU. Her face is very puffy from all of the fluids and red from the irritation of the mask & tube to keep her breathing during surgery. When she came to the ICU, it was about 3:00, and she didn't really wake up or show her eyes until 9:00 that night. When she finally looked at us, we were so relieved.
This was taken the next morning as she finally woke up enough to play with the balloon that Grandma Valorie sent to her. Of course it had to be Mickey and Minnie since they are her favorite. We also brought a quilt Charlotte's Great Grandma Pool made to keep her warm.

Mustering up enough energy for a wave hello.
This is the ICU, me standing at her crib for countless hours just trying to entertain her the best we could. Books worked really well.
There were 2 chairs in the room that were basically lawn chairs = not comfortable at all. The night she stayed in the ICU, Chris and I decided we would not sleep in those chairs as neither of us felt we could at all. So, we headed to the waiting room where they had recliners. We found 2 recliners side by side, the only problem was there was a bright floressant light right above us that couldn't be turned off, and a crying 18 month old in the room that didn't go to sleep until about 3 AM. So, after that night was over we were so thankful to go to the 10th floor where Charlotte had a private room but more importantly, a place for her parents to sleep in it.

Charlotte couldn't have anything by mouth for a few days to let her tummy heal, so we resorted to brushing her teeth to wet her mouth. She enjoyed it so much, we probably brushed the for about 15 minutes that day, just re-wetting her brush to moisten her mouth.

Grandma Hawn came to visit and help us out with entertaining Charlotte. We appreciated the help as that was one of the hardest things to do in the hospital.

Mom & Dad taking time for a few smiles, thankful that each day Charlotte was getting better.

The view from our room was beautiful.

Charlotte chillin' in her crib with her pal Mickey and her new pal Goofy.

Grandpa Hawn taking a turn at entertaining Charlotte while we got away to get something to eat in the cafeteria.

Later that day, we felt Charlotte would benefit from some time out of her crib, so we took her for a wagon ride in the halls of the 10th floor.

Nathan and Sara went along with us and also helped entertain Charlotte that day.

Charlotte's right thumb is her comfort. We begged the anesthesiologists to start her IV anywhere but her right hand because when she had her heart surgery, she had an IV in that hand and was sucking on the port of the tubing! Thankfully, they were able to put her IV in her foot so that she could soothe herself better. What a difference it makes.

The next day we took Charlotte on another wagon ride, but since it was so nice outside, we went to the rooftop garden on the 8th floor. It was so nice to get outside for a little bit and Charlotte seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. She was so relaxed when in the wagon.

Making a funny face with Daddy.

Finally, a picture of Charlotte's tube. This is not permanent, when they are able, they will switch her over to a "button". We have to change her bandages every 3 days, and mostly what seems to hurt her is the tape coming off :( But, she doesn't play with it too much, we even gave her a bath (with very little water in the tub as we can't submerge the tube site yet) last night, and she didn't even bother the tube, she was too excited to play in the water. Sometimes she plays or tugs it a little, but not too bad. We just try to tuck it in her diaper so it doesn't get pulled and tuck it into her clothes too. The tube has 3 ports on it, one for her feedings, one for medications, and one for the balloon on the other end of the tip so that it doesn't get pulled out. Charlotte can still eat by mouth, but since the amount of food that she is getting in the tube is more than she would ever eat, she hasn't been that interested. So, we aren't going to push her yet, especially since she is being fed nearly round the clock right now. Today, we are decreasing the feeding time down to 20 hours. So, she will not be "hooked up" between 4PM today and 8PM. We will hook her back up right before bed. Last night, she was unhooked from 6PM - 8PM. So, each day, that time will lengthen, which also means the rate of her feeds must increase. So as we increase the rate, we are hoping she can handle the food. No vomiting yet, but she has been refluxing some, and also is now having terrible diarrhea...sorry TMI. I hope this doesn't mean we are having problems, I am still waiting to hear from her GI Dr. about that.

We also relied on the t.v. for entertainment in the hospital, a habit we do not wish to start, but desperate times called for desperate measures. We bought a Mickey Mouse DVD since he is her favorite. I think Chris and I know all of the words to that movie now. We were also given some movies by a few friends to borrow, but Elmo, Big Bird and Spot just didn't hold a candle to Mickey Mouse or Baby Einstein.

I am not sure what Charlotte was doint in this picture, but I thought the twinkle in her eyes was cute.
Finally, Charlotte would like to take a moment to thank all of her "little people" that made this happen. Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Bunny, Baby (& balloon attached to baby), and Duck, thanks for all of the hard work and countless hours of entertainment. I couldn't have done this without you. You guys are the greatest friends a girl could ask for.
This picture was taken the day we went home.
And also, we want to thank our family & friends for always being there for us, near and far. You all have been such a great support to us, and our ministers from the First United Methodist Church in St. Charles. Chris and I always know that you are there for us and that you all do whatever you can to help. It means so much.
I want to close with a message I read a few days ago that touched my heart. This is probably the best way I can sum up how I get through the difficult situations we have been through. It is probably why I am brought to tears nearly every time I am in church because I know that God's power is awesome and he will see us through anything.
It is in Quiet Obedience that we follow His footsteps...
It is in Quiet Reflection that we hear His voice...
It is in Quiet Assurance that we find His rest...
It is in Quiet trust that we find His strength.
The Hawns

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Zehr_Family said...

These pictures are so wonderful. She seems to be taking it all in stride. She is such a remarkable young girl. You and Chris have certainly got your hands full when she gets dating age as she is going to be a knock out. God Bless you all!