Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Charlotte's First Backpack

Today after chasing Charlotte all around with her IV pole that her pump was attached to, I decided to try out the portable "backpack" that can hold her pump if we have to take her anywhere. She did really good with it on, only made her topple just a little bit. This backpack is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen, but unfortunately, it doesn't hold homework or books. But, it does hold other building blocks for Charlotte's development, nutrition.

Chris and I already feel we can see a difference in the way she looks, and I also feel that she is putting on weight. Time will tell. Enjoy these adorable pictures of our little school girl.

The Hawns


Zehr_Family said...

That is so handy and she looks so cute roaming around unemcumbered with poles and such. WTG Charlotte!

John & Kelly said...

She looks great! Grow Charlotte, grow!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! TOOO Cute!!!