Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not Great to Worse

I have purposefully not posted much on this site for fear that I would give too many details about the very smelly, gross, gooey diarrhea that Charlotte has had since her G-tube placement, but on Friday evening, things changed dramatically. This weekend we have not only been dealing with more diarrhea, but vomitting too...Charlotte is sick. She drenched her mommy in vomit on Friday night after eating some of her bottle before spare you more details, I will just say that I had to change EVERY garment of clothing I was wearing. We also had to wash the cushions of her rocker that I was sitting in and scrub the carpet. It went everywhere. We talked to the GI Dr. and were suspicious that her tummy once again couldn't handle the feedings. We kept her pump off that night, and proceeded to try feeding again the next day. She vomitted after that feeding too, and when the fever appeared, we were sure she was sick. So, yesterday and today she has been living on pedialyte and kept down a little formula today, but this evening, threw up once again. So...our little girl is still feeling puny, and was probably asleep for 2/3 of the day today :( This is a picture of how she really feels...she didn't feel much like smiling. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Unfortunately, mommy has to call in sick to work...AGAIN!

These are pictures from the few days prior to being sick. What a cutie she is. This was taken on Tues., I was headed to an eye appointment and got Charlotte hooked up to her pump and settled in on the floor to watch some Mickey Mouse while her feeding went in.

Playing on her car, she doesn't hang on well, so she always has a spotter, and she also likes to put her feet up on the "dash".
We try to get her to push herself, but she just can't seem to reach yet.

I love that smile.

Our other baby deserved some pictures in this entry. She is such a good girl.

Beautiful blue eyes and her funny side-ways grin.
For those of you who don't know, this is Charlotte's excited face. It cracks us up! When she is really excited the mouth opens, the hands start twisting and the legs kicking!

I don't think I was doing anything special to make her smile, but she was sure excited.


That's all for now... wish me luck for the week to come. I don't know how many outfits I have scrubbed poop out of so far. We are trying to figure out how to help her, but being sick has kind-of set us back as far as that agenda goes. We'll post later this week.

P.S. I know you all are wondering how much weight she has gained. She was actually up to 17# 4 oz, however, this past week, BEFORE she got sick, she had lost weight again and was down to 17# 1 oz last Thursday. Those weights were on the same scale... :( We think the diarrhea is to blame. Hopefully we figure something out to stop that. Also, so far, Charlotte has not been able to tolerate the volume of food that they had hoped. We have had to decrease it once, and will be decreasing the volume again. She just gets too full and it has to go somewhere.

Chris and I are trying to stay optimistic, but honestly, we expected this to be a bit of a trial to figure out what works. Deep down, we were hoping it would be a bit easier, but we haven't had too many breaks so far, so this isn't any different. We are just hoping she won't have to have any more procedures, but that is still something that will have to be determined as we try to fine tune everything.

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