Friday, March 21, 2008

Feeling & Eating Better...SCORE!

Charlotte started getting her appetite sometime around Wed. evening, thankfully. Unfortunately this illness/diarrhea from the formula that she wasn't tolerating well set her back quite a bit. She was seen at her Endocrinologists office on Thurs. and weighed in at 16# even. She had gotten up to 17# 9 we are hoping it comes back quickly.

We are so glad to see her have an appetite again, even better than before she had her tube placed. She has been switched back to soy formula, and so far the diarrhea has stopped!! YEAH!! And she is more interested in our food. She has had bread, lunch meat, chicken & banana bread, and has only gagged 2 times, no vomiting. Not to mention the record amounts she has been taking in during the day. Yesterday, she took in 17 1/2 ounces by mouth, and today, we began using her tube again during the day, and giving her a bottle before bed, and we got in a whopping 20 oz. Go CHARLOTTE! Hopefully this will continue. We are just so thrilled that she has an interest in food again. We stocked up her pantry with all kinds of stuff to try.

We hope everyone has a nice Easter. If this keeps up, it is the best Easter I could ever imagine.

The Hawns


Uncle Rich & Aunt Kathleen said...

back in the "loop". I pass the information I get on to your cousin Alyssa (and Uncle Rich & Jameson too, since they have very limited Internet access), so I can keep them updated on Charlotte's progress.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you. May you have a wonderful Easter, and that Charlotte is able to have some real fun "chasing the Easter Bunny", as Uncle Rich always calls it. ;-)

Love and best wishes--and endless hugs too!

Aunt Kathleen & the far Northwest Hawn bunch

Uncle Rich & Aunt Kathleen said...

Hi Chris, Jenn & Charlotte (again),

Somehow, the first part of our message apparently got cut off...I was mentioning that we had somehow been dropped from receiving update notices through our email. I do hope we can be put "back in the loop" again...


Aunt Kathleen & the NW Hawn bunch

Anonymous said...

FYI - Emails are only sent out with notification that we have posted through Caring Bridge. This blog is separate, so it does not send out update notifications...sorry. If it is something really important, sometimes I will write on the blog AND Caring Bridge, just so everyone knows. Hope this was helpful.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are going well again! Way to go Charlotte!!!
Have a blessed Easter.

Andrea Baker (KCM)