Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Birthday Party Fun

As I scrolled through our pictures to post these for September, I realized what an eventful month it has been! Wow! From the air show, to surgery, experimenting with solid foods, birthday celebrations, fun at the horse races, walks, and playing with her new gifts, we have Sooooo many pictures.
Anyway, this post is pictures from Charlotte's Birthday Party. So many people came, and I thank each and every one of you for making the day special to us and especially her. She got many thoughtful gifts, but just attending her celebration was enough. There are so many people who care about her, and it is evident to me by all the people who call, post or stop me in the hall at work to ask about her. We are very fortunate to have so many caring people in our lives.
Her Birthday Party was wonderful, especially thanks to the beautiful weather our Creator provided. I remember when she was born, how beautiful the weather was that time of year, and this year was no exception either.

Us trying to get a picture with her cakes before we cut into them. I made the butterfly cake, and didn't really want to cut it, but what good is cake if you don't eat it?

"Happy Birthday to Charlotte!" - all of us singing... Charlotte "What is that?"

Down right MESSY! She didn't really get any of the cake in her mouth. I gave her a few tastes of icing, and some of the ice cream. But, that was about all that went in. The rest of it just smashed in all of the crevices of her hands, fingernails, etc.

Charlotte got a pretend house door from her Grandma and Grandpa Hawn. The house door is outside on one side, and inside on the other. It has many things to "do" on it, and will be something she has fun figuring out.

This gift was an antique doll bed, and her Grandma Valorie spent many hours making a mattress, sheet set, pillows and quilt for it. Not to mention, a doll to sleep in it. I liked the quilt so much that I asked mom to buy more fabric for me so we can someday change her room to match the doll bed. That will be Sooo cute! (but not yet)

This is also a gift she got at her party, from Grandma Val. She is riding her car for the first time and loved it. She hasn't figured out how to hold on yet though, so this one is with supervision only!

We coaxed Charlotte to actually crawl through the door. Her favorite things to do on it right now are the balls taht go through the purple shoot, and to spin the animal thing. We have lots to teach her.

Some other great gifts Charlotte got were clothes, a book with family members pictures in it, blocks, a giraffe ball toy, leapfrog learning to stand toy, cabbage patch, books, gift certificates, a jack in the box, and many more toys. I know she is going to have a great time playing with all of them. And I will have a great time dressing her!
Thank you again to our family and friends!
The Hawns

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