Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte!

As I sit to type about Charlotte's first Birthday, I almost don't know where to begin. We had such a great day together, being and doing really nothing more than we do every day. As much as we wanted this to be a "special" day for her, I found that what was most special about the day was just taking in all of the accomplishments our little girl has achieved and reflecting on how our lives have also changed.

My sister and I went to Chesterfield Mall for a little bit. Charlotte, getting a little fussy, found much entertainment in being pushed on top of her stroller instead of inside it...

Still working on those teeth on top...

A comparison of her feet one year ago and today. Wow! When I think about how many times I look at her and think she is soooo tiny still, this puts into perspective just how much growing she has done.

Opening presents! When Charlotte watches Baby Einstein ocassionally, I have noticed that she gets really excited when the puppets come on the television. It was only suitable that she get some puppets of her own. Daddy and I got her the cow, dog, duck and dragon. I hope she will enjoy them, and can play with them when she gets older too.

A present...hmmm. This gift was from my good friend, Angie Stonner. The bow decorating Charlotte's head was actually on the gift, but it fit perfectly around Charlotte's head and made a great headband.

Charlotte was a ready for bed when we were taking these pictures, but suddenly, she found the energy to destroy some tissue paper.

And finally, the main event and the GREATEST news of the day. Our goal for Charlotte was that she would be crawling by her first Birthday. Something I know most babies are doing by the time they are 9 months old at least, but for our little one, it has been a struggle just to learn all of the mechanics and put it all together. Not to mention the major setbacks she has had with being ill and surgeries in the last few months. But, let me tell you something about Charlotte. Most of you already know how strong she is, but time and time again, she proves that she has the will and she is going to find a way to impress us all. So, kick back and watch our baby CRAWL!

One year ago, my hand was placed on the most precious gift I will ever recieve.
The Hawn Famiy


Aunt Sara said...

Charlotte, it looks like you spent the day doing what you do best, showing off your latest skills and especially amazing the rest of us with your strength, determination, and charm. I am so glad I was able to spend part of the day with you (and your mom too of course!) you always make me smile so much. I am looking forward to celebrating with you more this weekend.
Love, Aunt Sara

John & Joanyett Dennis said...

Love, love, love the crawling video! She looks sooo good! Happy Birthday Charlotte!