Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Just wanted to put up some new pics of what we've been up to lately...ok, mostly of Charlotte, because I know that is what you want to see!

Charlotte, very interested in her Baby Einstein movie on tv

On the left, she had fallen asleep in her exer-saucer as I packed her diaper bag before we went to the grocery store. On the right, she is lovin' the swing Grandma Valorie got her as the Blue Angels flew right over our house while practicing for the air show this weekend.

Gracie, acting as if she is starved for attention...

Chris, just as excited as a little kid today. Guess where we are going? You're right, the air show. Charlotte got to see the plane Daddy works on, the F-15.

Charlotte petting the Anheuser Busch Clydesdale horses. On the right is me feeding her lunch as the A-10 flew over for the show.

And then tonight, after we had all cooled off from the HOT day. Doing laundry and entertaining her, or should I say, she is entertaining us. I just love those gorgeous (straight) eyes. And what pretty white teeth you have!

As my friend Kelly would say, this was definitely "Oooohhh" worthy.

The Hawn Family


John & Kelly said...

"Ooohhhhh" worthy indeed! I think her eyes look even better than last week when I saw them! Wow! I'm impressed you all got out to the air show with the food and everything.

The Frost Family said...

Wow Miss Charlotte! Your eyes are perfect! We agree, they are even better than one week ago!

We are so glad that you are doing great! Good luck this Friday. We will say lots of prayers for you!

Tyler, Emmy, and Aidan

dickinsonfamily said...

BEAUTIFUL eyes! I bet she is seeing so much better. I was just about to update our site as well with the airshow pictures! LOL (We went on Saturday)

Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures - Charlotte looks beautiful! Just wanted you to know we will be thinking about you all tomorrow for Charlotte's surgery. We will actually be at Glennon on Tuesday - maybe we can sneak up and see you guys. I will call you.

Jennifer, Mike, Adeline and Nicholas