Monday, August 27, 2007

She's Got Skills

Charlotte is mastering some new skills lately...

The only other time I got her to feed herself, she gave up after 3 ounces, and it was a struggle to get her to do that. This bottle, she fed herself 5!! We are going to try to get her to bottle feed herself at least 2-3 times per day and see if she can master this trick. It really helps her learn how to control her movements, and that she can hold objects with BOTH hands.

You may also notice her eye is red in the corner. This was taken just Sunday, right after her surgery on Friday. I know it is a little scary, sorry if it freaks anyone out. It really looks much better than I thought it would.

This is Charlotte at Chris' softball tournament on Saturday...just watching the players and playin' with her feet.

This is what she thought of the second game after they started loosing really bad :)

This is with cousin Jefferson...Charlotte's just roughing him up a little bit while she still has a few moves up on him.

Finally, Sunday night we had a great time at our neighbor's, The Forths, ice cream party. My favorite!

Other skills Charlotte has acquired recently...
  1. DA DA!!! Finally!
  2. Crawling backwards?
  3. Sitting while playing with a toy (of course she still tips though)
  4. Sleeping for 12+ hours at night!
  5. Lip a fish if you can picture that?
  6. Clicking with her tongue
  7. Busting out some new teeth on top...four total, only one has made it through so far.
  8. Cries when we leave the room she is in (if she notices)
  9. Sleeps on her tummy all of the time
  10. And she has especially mastered the skill of pulling my hair OUCH
That's all for now...
The Hawn Family

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dickinsonfamily said...

Her eyes look great!! (not freaky at all) I can imagine how much better she is seeing! Has she had a follow-up appt yet with the surgeon? I'm anxious to hear how they think it all turned out. I'm so happy for her (and you all) she is just beautiful, as always! Natalie loves watching her videos and pictures. She laughs along with her.