Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Year Missing You

A Year Missing You

Sweet little Ryan, a year has passed by,

A year since the time that we had to say goodbye.

Your light shines with us in all that we do,

In our smiles, our hearts, our friends and family too.

From bike rides together, trips to the zoo,

Studying for exams, and family outings too.

Your presence was with us, like the grace of a butterfly,

But we still can't help but wonder, how fast this year has gone by.

Missing you has stung like no other sting,

It strikes at my core and sometimes all I can do is sing.

I sing to remind myself that this time without you is just an in between,

I sing to praise God, our Almighty King.

He has saved you as no one else could,

Not myself or your Dad, but you know that we would.

With God you are now, our little angel boy,

And someday, we will know your joy.

Sweet little Ryan, I miss you so,

I feel you in Charlotte's squeezes and see you in her, I know.

We are thankful for the blessings this year has brought,

And hope that you know, you are in our every thought.

It doesn't matter where we are, or what we have done,

Our hearts are always with you, my son.




Anonymous said...

A beautiful poem. There are so many of us thinking of your family today.

Lisa P. said...

J -
You have been in my heart and mind all week. I know that your pain is still so present, but hope that some of the beautiful memories you made (as evidenced in your photo album) in the past year have helped provide some peace. You have such an incredible family!

Anonymous said...

In your last photo the clouds look like angel wings...or pig's very appropriate. I can't imagine how hard this year has been for you. Ryan will never be forgotten. Love to your family.

Anonymous said...

You write with such grace from your heart and my thoughts and prayers are with your family during this especially difficult time.

jill w said...

Dear Jen---you have been on my mind this week. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Your words are very powerful and convey such emotion. Your strength and insight is amazing. Ryan will live on in the hearts of many.
You should be proud (as everyone else is) of all of your accomplishments, you bring to your profession a rare empathy that will make you invaluable.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been able to meet and love your family, I am so priveleges to have been witness to such love
wishing you peace

Patty P. said...

Just heard your story on the MDA telethon. It touched my heart. I pray for a cure everyday for neuromuscular diseases as I have a newphew who suffers from Duchenne's. He is fighting MRSA infection right now, which he contracted through unhealed wounds from a back procedure he had done 2 1/2 years ago. We're praying that this round of antibiotics work!
I've heard many, many times that God gives these special children to special people....that means you must be amazing, just like my sister! Ryan was a beautiful gift from he's happy and healthy and watching over YOU! Stay strong, believe and know I will keep you, your family and lil girl in my prayers.