Sunday, March 21, 2010


Charlotte (Brittany) caught pushing her baby around "town" without proper restraint in the stroller!!!
Traversing over difficult terrain, child nearly falls out of seat!

Multitasking at a local market.

Shielding her baby from the flashes of our TMZ photographers. Baby nearly chokes to death.

At a local eatery, movie star, Charlotte Hawn, tasting a bit of fine cuisine of homemade meatloaf with a ketchup glaze, and cinnamon Gala applesauce, paired with vit D milk, enriched with pediasure for added calories. Her tab ran up to $3.00!

Trying to blend in at the restaurant.

Ending her day with a bit of grocery shopping at the refrigerator magnet market. All organic of course!
We caught up with Charlotte Hawn for one final pose for the camera on her way out for the evening.
TMZ - Hawn Style


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I like your little celebrity!


Anonymous said...


Kelly W.

diary of a mom of 2 said...

love her