Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Came Early

Because it is simply impossible to celebrate Christmas with both of our families on the actual holiday, we rotate holidays each year with each side of the family. If we do Thanksgiving in Kansas, we do Christmas at home with Chris' parents, and vice versa. This year, that is exactly what we did, so we decided to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family, the weekend before Christmas.

This may have caused a little confusion for the little one, but she got used to the idea of opening presents pretty quickly. We had a great Christmas with my mom at her house and my Dad at my Grandparent's house. She got several gifts and so did we, but I would have to say the best gift of all has been watching her play with her cousins/second cousins and strutting around on her own two feet just like they do. She is really making strides with this whole walking thing (no pun intended), and I remember saying just a few months ago that I thought this "stage" wouldn't come for at least 6 months or more. She has surprised me once again! You'll see in the videos to come in some later posts. For now, some Merry (early) Christmas photos.

Charlotte's big gift from Grandma Valorie
My Great Papa and Grandma Pool, Ron and Pauline, opening a gift from my brother and his wife, Laura. They are stationed in England at the Royal Air Force base, and they gave us each a plate with some of the sites of England on them.

Posing by the tree before tearing into presents.

This smile of Charlotte's is priceless. Her little white front teeth poke out when she is absolutely tickled pink. You can't create this smile with a funny gesture or a request for a smile, it is uniquely Charlotte when she is at her best. I think it is adorable.

My Grandmother seems to know me quite well as she knows one of the things I value most is something made from the heart. She gave Chris and I the quilt underneath the two kids, happy to try it out for us for a few minutes.

Passed OUT!

Uncle Matt was able to come down from Omaha. I just finished telling you that he and his wife, Laura, are stationed in England. Turns out, a few months after they moved over there, he went over seas, and then just a few weeks after he came home from that, they decided he needed more training here in the States. Go figure!? We were happy to have him home, but wished Laura could have been there to celebrate too. I would also like to ask for prayers for the two of them. They recently found out they were expecting their first child, only to experience their first miscarriage as well, just a few weeks later, and days after my brother left England to come over to the states. Please pray for them both.

Christmas with the Davidson side. Grandpa Davidson found this really cool book that he recorded his voice to. It is "Twas The Night Before Christmas", and we read it on Christmas Eve this year... or, Grandpa read it. You know what I mean.

Playing with second cousin Lexi. They became fast friends.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Davidson, Iona and Orlie

Most of the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. Sara and Nathan couldn't stay the entire time because they had a prior engagement waaaay across the state to make it back for. We wished they could have been in the picture too.

Merry Christmas to my family. Every time I come home, I am reminded of the wonderful people that I am privileged to call my family. I love you all.

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