Monday, November 2, 2009

Pat & Kristy's Housewarming Party

We are so glad that Chris' brother Pat and his wife Kristy have moved very close to us recently. They are less than 10 min from our house, which makes get togethers much easier and our kids really love playing with eachother. They had a housewarming party with a Halloween theme. We all dressed up, this makes Charlotte's 3rd costume for the spooky season, only one of which was new. She and I both dressed up as Cheerleaders, me wearing my uniform from highshool.... fits a little different these days, but I still squeezed into it. Chris wore his old tennis jersey and his letter jacket. It was fun to dress up for a little while and Charlotte was very cute too. She loved the makeup I let her put on.

Jenn - Paola High School 2000

Chris - Hazelwood West High School 1999

Jeff's costume is Peter Pan and Jules was Tinkerbell

Matt, Chris' younger brother, got the award for the best costume of the night.

Sharlie & Jeff

Great picture with Uncle Matt

The Hawns

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