Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leaves & Fishing

As I was doing a Thirty-One Party on Saturday morning, Chris took Charlotte outside for some fun in the leaves and to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we are having. She was unsure at first, but you can see that she warmed up to the idea of immersing herself in them quickly.

Chris piled them at the bottom of her clubhouse so she could slide down into them.

Obsessed with the THOUSANDS of ladybugs around.

Then, after my party, we went up to the farm to get the house ready for Deer Season next weekend. We got a lot of our work done Saturday night and were able to do some fishing and enjoy the beautiful day on Sunday.

Riding down to the pond for some fishing. Charlotte helped me steer.

Daddy caught the first and biggest fish, and it was a beauty.

Mommy giving it a try. I only caught one little one.
Fish ON!

And this was Charlotte's first experience with fishing and she did pretty good for a first timer. She was fairly patient for being 3, liked to reel in the line, but absolutely wouldn't sit there and watch the cork. Daddy says she is more of a lure fisher-woman than a bobber.

Grandpa looks good in bibs.

The Hawns

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ExtraordinaryMommy said...

I love seeing pictures of your beautiful family :) Think of you often! Somehow, I have lost your phone number - will you email me at - I have a question for you :) xoxo Danielle