Monday, September 7, 2009

Zachary's Playground

I had meant to post this a while ago but also wanted to keep some of my most recent posts at the top. Charlotte and I went with Sara and Ian to Zachary's Playground for the first time. It was a little difficult to find since Google directions are not accurate, but it was worth the effort. We had to stop at a gas station to ask just where exactly it was located after driving around for a bit. Low and behold, it is BEHIND Lowe's. Never would have guessed.
We had a great time and Zachary's Playground is awesome for Charlotte because she can walk to her little heart's content with her walker. She had such a great time. And so did Ian as he tottled around with his new walking feet.
Although Charlotte liked racing around the playground with her walker very much, this was by far her favorite thing!! Not just any swing, a TIRE swing for our little thrill seeker. She held on and loved every second of the spinning and twirling.

Squirmy Ian not wanting to hold still for a picture...

Checking out the equipment.

After the tire swing, she wanted MORE swinging. And after this, she tried the big girl swings. This girl just can't get enough!


This is the underneath side of the playground, but it is also wheelchair accessible on top. She can easily get up there with her walker but was content racing around, in and out of the maze below.


More swinging... two peas in a pod.

It is great living so close to my sister and truly living out our childhood dreams. We always said we wanted to live close by so that our children could grow up together and be cousins as close as siblings. I think we are off to a good start.

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