Thursday, September 24, 2009

Charlotte Turns 3!

Before we show pictures of this year, we just wanted to share with you all how much our little girl has grown up. These are her 1 year and 2 year pictures from her Birthdays. So cute, so little, so many changes...

1 Year Old

2 Years Old

Charlotte had a great birthday today. Her day began bright and early at 7:00 AM, Chris and I both wanted to see the look on her face when she saw her table & chairs for the first time with all of her presents on it, so we got her up just before he had to go to work.
The night before her birthday, we were talking a lot about her Birthday. This morning when I went in to wake her up, she rolled over at first, but as soon as I said "Happy Birthday Charlotte", she looked up with this huge smile. Precious.

Trying it out. We are a little disappointed with the depth of the seat and if we don't return the chair for one a bit smaller that fits her better, I will be doing some modifying for our little peanut.

The girls.

I got Charlotte decked out for her big day. She had to go to school today because I had a meeting with the Early Childhood Center about developing her goals for beginning school in 2 weeks. This is called her IEP and I may refer to it several more times in the coming months. This crown, Charlotte decorated a while back, the bead were from the St. Pat's Day parade and the button, she has worn every year on her birthday since her first. Then we were off to school, but first we stopped by the store for some goodies for the class. On Thurs. her entire class (5 kids) is girls, so we got crowns for everyone to decorate. We have pictures that they printed out but don't have any of her classmates and with their crowns on to share via the web. They were really cute though and her teachers told me she was really proud that she had brought them and that all the girls LOVED them too!

They made Charlotte a Birthday Cake Hat :) This is her eating breakfast at school this morning.

Daddy picked Charlotte up from school and then we had dinner and opened presents. She even got some MONEY from Grandpa Davidson and Great Grandma Davidson! She was pretty excited about it and held it up for us to see.

Her first pair of Nike's

Playing tug of war with me over the curly ribbon tied around her gift.

One of her favorite presents is this electronic board. She is supposed to practice writing her letters and numbers with it. This is a bit above her level but a good toy for us to do together and get her in gear for school.

Big Bright smile.

Playing with Daddy.

Happy Birthday Charlotte, we love you so much!

Mom, Dad

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