Thursday, August 27, 2009

Walk On


Charlotte showed us all how tough she was today and was ready for a stroll in the hallways. Everyone was talking about how amazed they were by her progress. You would never know she had back surgery just 3 days ago and the nurses said they don't see children bounce back from this surgery near as quickly as she has. She continues to amaze us and also got us a ticket out of the hospital today! Thank you Charlotte, for everyones prayers and for the strength from our Father above.

We are so happy to celebrate that this is hopefully our last surgical stay at Children's hospital. It is a great place for kids when they are sick, but there is truly, no place like home. We will really be celebrating when we are finished with her eye surgery, coming up on Sept. 11. We can do it...

The Hawns


Stefany said...

Yay! I am so glad she is doing so well and you all can be at home together.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Welcome home! (Although I had no doubts when I saw her up and about yesterday already.) See you soon.

Andrea said...

awesome- i loved how well she maneuvered around the various obstacles in the hallways too! Im glad she could bounce back!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear how she's bounced back from back surgery! Charlotte certainly is a strong little girl who continues to amaze us!
Karen T

Lisa P said...

Wonder woman is right!!! Congratulations on being "sprung" so quickly! It is such a nice surprise when you get to go home days before you thought you'd be able to go! Ahh, to sleep in one's own bed...bliss!!! Wishing you much bliss :-)

Lisa P.

Elizabeth said...

Hallelujah. She is amazing!