Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trivia Night Re-cap

The makings of a slide-show is in progress of all of our pictures from the "When Pigs Fly" Trivia Night for Ryan. We had over 400 pictures from the evening. Rather than posting just a few, we thought we would share as many as we could by creating a video (thanks Amy McLean). This picture was taken before Chris and I left for the Trivia Night, all of us decked out in our shirts that we LOVE! If you are thinking "I wish I had bought one!" Guess what? We still have shirts to sell... $10.00 if you are interested. Sizes available are L, XL, XXL. We sold out of all smaller sizes. Please, email if you are interested in purchasing one still.

Some fun facts about the Trivia Night:

Quilt Raffle

Approximately 1500 tickets were sold$3700 dollars raised!!!The woman who won the quilt was from Lacygne, KS. My mother took the quilt to her when she returned home. She would not accept the quilt, so it will be kept in our family and my mother is making the winner a different quilt for her thoughtfulness.

Silent Auction

Item that "sold" for the most was the Staggercatt's Band, who offered their services for any event of the winner's choice. It sold for $340!


Table 5 won, a table that was a "mix" of people who didn't have a full table. CONGRATULATIONS! The questions were hard and next time (ha ha) we will be making our own questions! We ended up selling 45 tables, which is why the place was so crowded and hard to move around in. We had to eliminate what would have been a center aisle. WOW! Note to us: we need to find a bigger venue! We were so surprised that we had more than 40 tables of people and didn't want to turn anyone away if we could squeeze just a little more. As it was, we had to turn down 2 tables.**Funniest table name (L&D nurses) "At Your Cervix" LOL

Grand Total

It has been difficult to come up with a grand total because money donated was still coming in even last week! We have estimated that with donations from individuals, some businesses, money raised from the Trivia Night, we have raised an excess of $33,000! This money was greatly appreciated. We had anticipated needing this money to keep us afloat while we were both off work, spending time together as a family and cherishing each moment with our son. Ryan left us much too quickly... The funds raised relieved the financial stress of planning his funeral. We were able to select what we wanted for him, and are happy that we will still be able to make 3 generous donations to Wing's BJC, Good Shepherd School for Children and First United Methodist Church of St. Charles, in Ryan's name.

Thank You

Two simple words that we hope reach the thousands of people that made this painful time in our lives, a little bit easier. So many people gave without asking for anything in return. Your kindness will never be forgotten, no matter how large or small. We hope to spread this kindness for many years to come, in the way we lend a hand to others in need. As we carry on Ryan's legacy, we will remember that the greatest gift God has given is Love.

Jennifer & Christopher Hawn


Alison Baillargeon said...

Wow, $33,000. That is awesome. My faith in human kindness has officially been renewed. Thank you Ryan. How would you guys feel about a Ryan Hawn Memorial Golf Tournament with all proceeds benefiting Families of SMA? Obviously, it would take a lot of volunteers, but Jim thought it would be a nice tribute and a fun day out. Let us know if you would like him to start doing a bit of research. Also, I will email you, but he will take one of your remaining shirts. We are so happy that Trivia Night was so successful.Love you.

ExtraordinaryMommy said...

I am beyond thrilled Trivia was so successful - I am moved beyond words that you are surrounded by such an amazing group of friends and family.

Much love,