Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moving Up

Charlotte has been doing really well the past 24 hours. Yesterday, while we were still in the ICU, she was her cheerful self, being entertained with books, music, cartoons and movies. She seems to have adapted to everything pretty well. In the video below, we were reading from one of her favorite books when Thomas the Train came on t.v. I loved her choo choo train impression.

We moved to our new room yesterday afternoon. We found out Charlotte was going to have 2 roommates, another child and the person below! She was pretty happy to know Minnie would be staying the night with her. Thank you Grandpa Davidson.

This picture was taken this morning. She was weaned off of her pain medication last night, and they only gave her tylenol once. With a smile like this, she must be feeling pretty good. We'll see if it lasts when they get her up and moving today. She is also back to her old self, with her blood pressures. Since the pain medication is not being given any more, they are back in the old range, 110/59 this morning. Looks like the renal Dr.'s will be resuming her medication.

The Hawns

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Chris Foster said...

I am glad Charlotte is doing well and hope you all will be home very soon.