Friday, July 17, 2009

Articles, Kids, and Trivia Night Eve

Jenn's to tired to blog tonight...and I'm not to far behind her, so I'll make this short. The MC for tomorrow night, Danielle Smith, wrote two separate articles about Ryan and our family and we wanted to share them with you. The two stories can be found at the links below.

Some old college friends visited this evening. It was great to see them...and their "mini me's", Nikolas, Katelynn, and Ian. We had fun, but it was also a rough night for Ryan. We'll have to post some pictures of all the kids on the couch together in another's late...and we may get some better pictures later in emails they send us. It takes a lot of pictures to get one of all the kids looking...and not crying or pulling each others hair/leg/arm/tubing.

We got a sneak peek at the Trivia T-Shirts tonight. Thank you Amy for bringing them by.

Hope and Pray that tomorrow night goes well...for us and Ryan.

The Hawns

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