Monday, July 13, 2009

Around the Clock

Last night became an around the clock kind of night. I saw every hour and spent much of the night at Ryan's bedside trying to console him. We quickly came to the conclusion that something is bothering Ryan and we still haven't figured it out. The day started off rough as Ryan woke up sometime around 8:30 am and cried from then on until 10am. Mom was home with me and we tried all we could to get him to stop, but I think it just had to be his idea because after he stopped, it was like nothing had happened. Ryan stayed awake for a while and then went down for a restful nap. He woke to another heart rate drop, which wasn't as bad as others have been, and then went back to sleep for a short while.

When he finally got up for good, I snuck in a bath as he desperately needed one from all the crying he had been doing, and settled him in on the couch. I had been in touch with Chris all day about what had been going on, and Ryan proceeded to have another heart rate drop. I just can't figure out what is going on, other than his heart has some type of irregularity and he has no oxygen reserve and just can't handle it when it slows. Sometime around 4, a while after his bath, he stopped crying again and was able to play with me a little bit.

The BEST part of my day was when Chris got home. It felt good for us to all be together because all day I had a bad feeling in my gut that something was going to go wrong today. But, that is not why it was the best. When Chris came over to the couch and sat in front of Ryan, Ryan gave him the BIGGEST smile I had seen from him all day. It was so sweet and so unprovoked. He knew that his Daddy was home. What a good feeling.

Ryan proceeded to stay awake and content for a while and then took a short nap on the couch while we ate dinner. Around 7pm, he was off to bed without much fuss. So, we are hoping tonight is much more restful for all of us than last night. Hopefully, the things we are doing to make things better for him are working.

The Hawn Family


amyfish said...

I am going to pray right now for you to be having a very restful evening. I am going to pray that Ryan's Oxygen and heart remain stable throughout the night.

Rita said...

I keep hoping you will see some improvements soon. Love and Hugs to you and Ryan.