Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fence Party

The only thing disappointing about this post is I have NO pictures of the event, but yes, the fence party went on today. Not quite as we had planned but with GREAT weather!

If you are wondering what a fence party is, our neighbors, the Somheil's and their friends, the Strobel's, would say, it is as exciting as it sounds. What was supposed to be a fence painting party (a project Chris began before we knew Ryan was sick), turned into a scraping and power washing party because it wasn't suitable for paint yet (despite many hours already put in by Chris, his friend Nate and Jose). Our friends and their friends, came armed with drills for fixing boards, strong paint scraping arms, and their children were even willing to help! (and were also very well behaved). We owe you guys way more than a thank you. You gave up an entire Saturday for our family, our fence, a project we regretted starting the moment this craziness started in our lives. We would also like to thank Rick for advising Chris NOT to paint, as much as that hurt, it was great that he told Chris exactly what he did need to do and helped out with getting the right primer and paint since he is a painter as a profession. So, neighbors are great and we have some great neighbors. Thank you all, for chipping in. We WILL return the favors someday!

The reason we didn't have pictures is because I was inside most of the day with our kids. I was lucky enough to have a friend and co-worker, Karen, come over to help me out this morning. THANK GOODNESS, because my morning was crazy. Ryan's day was completely off, after the stress of going to see the pulmonologist yesterday (another post) and he was irritable or sleeping most of the day. Charlotte was very well behaved at times, and very much a stubborn 2 year old. The day was filled with ups and downs and I was so thankful to have someone inside with me to keep me sane. I also enjoyed visiting with Karen as I haven't seen her for probably 3-4 weeks. I think about you all in Perinatal Lab and L&D all the time. You girls have ALL been so supportive and I couldn't work with a better group of ladies.

So, a lot of progress was made today, much more to be done before painting can commence.

To Be Continued.

The Hawn Family

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