Monday, June 8, 2009

Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, OH MY!

Charlotte and Ryan have been having a blast with their Aunts, Uncles and cousins the last 2 weeks. Just yesterday, our kids had all of their cousins in 1 room at the same time. WOW! What fun it is to have them all together, no matter how crazy, messy and "noisy" it is.
messy face smiles are priceless

long walk with the kids one fine spring day

playing with bubble machine, (present from Kathy Orf)

Jeff joining in the fun

we even got out the sprinkler, but in the shade it was a bit chilly

so we moved into the sun, but Charlotte was still trembling like a leaf

studying Jeff's scheme

cuddling on the couch to get warm

"bucket head"

reminicent of Todd's weddding and the kids playing the bongos

almost a smile from both of them


snack time in the clubhouse

Gracie hoping for a cracker to drop

greased up with sunscreen one morning before school last week

what her hair looks like when she leaves the house before she gets in the car and messes it all up

lazy morning with mom

making pacifiers possible - Ryan has a hard time keeping his pacifier in, so even though the rule says you shouldn't "strap it to the baby in any way" I took matters in my own hands. **Obviously I was right there and Ryan could spit it out if he needed to

Charlotte woke up from a nap with some CRAZY bed head. We had her sunglasses sitting outside her door to put away. When Uncle Nathan went to get her, she grabbed them right away and put them on. How FUNNY!

Ian was also sporting a silly doo when he arrived.... Party on the left side, business on the right.

Aunt Kim volunteered to come over and cook us dinner, lemon chicken stirfry. Pat was helping out in the kitchen. Aunt Kristy, and Uncle Matt were also there, as well as all the kids.

Jules sporting Ryan's soccer cap (without her mother's approval)

Kim snuggling with Ryan

Our living room CRAZINESS!!!

Jeff, Charlotte and Kim working on a new song for their "band"

Lots of great memories. Thanks you guys!
The Hawns

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