Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ryan's Drug of Choice

So, so, much to say from the past 24 hours. We have been at the lowest of lows last night from about 8pm-12am, and then from 4am on, has been a steady climb back to the top of the hill. I like the point of view from this place much better. For me to explain all that happened last night would be impossible, but it did involve a prolonged heartrate drop and desaturation where Ryan turned blue for several minutes(all because he was pooping!!!), followed by extreme stress from being unable to manage his fever and keep it under control. His heartrate went in the complete opposite direction in which it was up hovering around or above 200 beats per minute for a couple of hours. We made the difficult decision to give Ryan some Versed (a drug to relax him) so he wouldn't feel the fear that those moments had brought him in hopes that the fever driving the respiratory distress would be under control soon. The decision was difficult at first because we were worried that it would depress his respiratory effort and he would decline quickly. But once we reminded ourselves that our actions must not be selfish, we made the right choice and gave him comfort. We had to get him Versed twice, and then discussed the cause of his distress and addressed his fever.

The Tylenol that we were giving every 4 hours round the clock was not enough and the antibiotics that we had started were not helping yet. He needed something for in between, therefore, we turned to Ibuprofen. THAT was the drug of choice. Ahhh... relief. Once we gave the ibuprofen, things calmed down for Ryan, and sometime around midnight, once he was settled, we left explicit instructions to call us if he fussed at ALL.

At 4 am, we got a phone call that he was fussing a little. It was time for Tylenol and it was given and we also decided to give his nose a break from the C-Pap in case it was hurting him. Since then, he has been a different baby. I was able to hold him for the second time in the recliner in his room from 4am until about 9am. We both peacefully fell asleep. The rest of his day has been nothing short of bliss compared to the previous 12 hours. He was much more comfortable and content today, sleeping well and awake and cooing at us (especially the first 30 minutes I was holding him at 4 am). As much as we wanted sleep then, we were so thankful for those beautiful noises and I could have talked to him like that all day. That was the most we had ever heard him coo, even at home.

We had many visitors today, mostly family and some friends. Because of the scary place were at last night, the days joys were highlighted much more and Chris and I were able to smile and even laugh today. We are now in the frame of mind that the good days like today are so important to soak up and enjoy. WE WANT MORE!

Thank you so much for all of the prayers, they are working the miracle we need right now...

This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago... we are so thankful for it.
P.S. Thank you Becky & Brad
The Hawns


Anonymous said...

Praying for many more days like today. That picture is too precious!

John & Kelly said...

We're so glad you had a better day today!

Anonymous said...

I know that with every second that goes by a prayer is being said for Ryan and your family. You all remain in my thoughts and my prayers are going to keep flowing up to God's ears.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear today was a little better. That pic is awesome! Take some napping together pics. Still praying for all of you. Enjoy those precious moments.
Karen T

Zehr_Family said...

We are maintaining are prayer vigil. I have lots of people asking about Ryan everyday on Facebook. God is listening and His Will will be done. You, Chris, Charlotte and Ryan are in His hands and our prayers.

Kristi Zehr

Andrea said...

What a precious picture! I am so glad you guys had a better day. Ryan and your family will continue to be in our prayers!!!

Heather said...

Chris and Jenn- you and your family are certainly in our prayers. We will pray for much needed rest for you and Ryan.

Mike and Heather Wade

Heather said...

Chris and Jenn- We are certainly praying for you and your family. Hope you get some much needed sleep tonight. Mike and Heather Wade

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that Ryan has gained a little weight. Hope Ryan had another good day for Mother's Day. You certainly deserve to have a great day with your sweet little prince and princess. I am praying everyday (multiple times a day) that he is doing well and you have some quality time with him. I am sure holding him for those few hours was precious. Sending lots of love and prayers your way.

Love Jim, Ali, & Nikolas

Joni Sampel said...

Chris and Jenn... I have followed you through your pregnancy with Charlotte, my Mother In Law Bonnie works with your mom Jenn in case you don't remember me. I can't begin to tell you how very sorry I am that yet again you are facing challenges. I will be praying super hard for you all and for little Ryan to be the fighter his sister is. It doesn't seem fair that 2 people as good as you both should have to endure this much heartbreak. I will be continuing to pray for you all, and I'll keep looking for good news that Ryan is going to be okay. The picture you have them is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Jenn and Chris,

What great pictures. I am continually keeping Ryan and your family in my prayers. Thinking of you all. I hope today is another good day!!

Andrea & Garrett Isch