Friday, May 15, 2009

Looking Good

So far so good, the plan is home today. We recieved a lot of our supplies yesterday evening, oxygen tanks, O2 sat monitors, feeding tubes, pumps, oxygen tubing, the list goes on. Today, we should recieve the supplies we need for suction. We are so glad to be going home and to have our family back together, Charlotte should be coming home later this evening. It is also bittersweet though because we are leaving no better off than when we came to the hospital.

We also want to say thank you to Ali & Jim for dinner last night, to GSS Parent's association for their gift, to Shantellie for the meals she brought us and to Emma, Kate and their parents for the "munchies" and gift for Charlotte. She is going to think it is her birthday with all the gifts she gets to play with when she gets home. Most of all, thank you again for the prayers.

The Hawns

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