Monday, May 11, 2009

Hospital Pictures

I wanted to include more pictures from a week ago because that is the last time I had the opportunity to play with both of our children together... That day, I had no idea what was to come.

In the PICU on 5.5 He was so sleepy the first 36 hours we were here. He finally had help.

Holding Ryan for the first time since admission on 5.5

C-Pap to provide Ryan with extra support

Happy to see him sucking on his pacifier...

Pastor Robin Roderick from First United Methodist Church of St. Charles visits Ryan. She baptized him for us on 5.5 We had plans to have him baptized later this month but decided that we wanted it done now.

Grandma (my mother) came on Tues. 5.5

Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim, Ryan's God Parents

The one good thing about monitors, our baby boy can sleep on his tummy

The second time I held Ryan... This was the night that he slept with me in the chair from 4am - 9am

Grandma gets to hold Ryan

This was taken during bath time, he LOVES bath time!

Feeling Good

Great Grandma and Grandpa Davidson came all the way from Kansas on Friday

Grandpa Davidson and his parents help with Ryan's bath

Aunt Sara and Uncle Nathan visit

Peaceful dreamer

Grandma Hawn holds Ryan

Enjoying the moment

Having a man to man talk

Looking on at our handsome boy

Finally, some SMILES!!

Sweet Dreams

Great Grandma and Papa Pool also came from Kansas on Friday

The pictures we chose to post are moments from this experience that we want to remember and want our family to remember. We love our Ryan so much and are happy that our family and friends have been able to share some happy times with us too. I am not even sure if happy is the right word, but when we have been in the moment where we weren't sure if we had much time left, all of these moments are seen as a gift.
The Hawns

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Zehr_Family said...


Thinking of each moment as a treasure is exactly what you need right now. With all the uncertainty each moment is a treasure and should be enjoyed with happiness. You are all in my prayers and many of my friends prayers. God has you in His hands! God Bless You all!!

Kristi Zehr