Monday, May 11, 2009

Dance Party

The Hawns


Anonymous said...

This video is soooo cute! He looks so happy. I love all of the pictures you posted. You look like you have such a great family and a wonderful support system. Thanks for taking time out of such a beyond busy schedule to post such beautiful pictures of your babies. They look like they bring you guys joy beyond measure.

Becky Stang

Anonymous said...

this video is classic Chris!!! Love it, love it!

Aunt Kelly

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious!! Ryan could be a youtube star! He looked like he was having fun (probably not as much fun as Chris, though;) ). Thanks for posting all those pics. You have such a tight family-hold on to them when you need to. Take care!
Karen Timpe

Anonymous said...

What awsome moves! We're going to expect an entire show soon, so keep practicing!

That was so good to see. I loved all of the photos. They have really warmed my heart tonight. We've been thinking about you constantly and praying each day. Ryan and Charlotte are so precious.

Nancy Forth

rebecca lemasters said...

That is the funniest thing!!! I love it! Man...Chris can dance!!! Some night we are all out I can see what is going to happen! Love you guys, you are so very strong! becky and brad

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable. It is great to see the smiles. The pictures of Charlotte and Ryan are just too precious. Ryan has a great smile and you can tell he loves his mommy and daddy very much. I am so glad you have had so much family surrounding you and Jen that you finally spent a little time away from the hospital. I am sure it was hard, but I think it was probably needed. See you guys Thursday, and let me know if there is anything you need besides dinner. Love you guys and am here for you always.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!!! Love it! Ryan looks like he was really enjoying himself too:)
Julie Zarbo