Monday, March 16, 2009

A Day With Charlotte

Chris and I thought it would be really fun to take Charlotte to the St. Patrick's Day Parade together, just the 3 of us this year. We left Ryan (for the first time since birth) with my friend Becky and headed downtown for some fun!
sporting our Green at home

We took the Metro-Link railway from the N. Hanley stop downtown. Charlotte loved the "train"

strolling to the parade

looking on at the first group marching our way

We were a little worried that Charlotte would not like the loud noise of the bands, sirens, music, etc. since she is sensitive to noise such as vacuums and blenders... But, she did great and loved marching her feet and dancing to the music playing. She only got scared once!

Holding her arms out to the giant balloons on the strings. I think these were her favorite of all. She was saying "Come Here" as if she wanted to hold them...

Daddy enjoying his daughter's delight

Mommy enjoying some time devoted just to Charlotte

The famous Clydesdale Horses
The Hawns

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