Thursday, January 8, 2009

At Grandma's and Christmas Day

With so many wonderful pictures from our visit, it was very hard to choose which to post (as you can tell by the large amount of pictures). Here are some of them...
Charlotte got to know her Aunt Laura (my brother's wife) very well during Christmas. We were so glad that she came, despite the fact that Matt couldn't because he was being deployed), and we all had lots of fun together. Now, whenever Charlotte sees her picture on teh fridge, she says "Laura, Laura!"

Charlotte and Ian (5 1/2 months old)

Posing by the tree on Christmas Eve

Grandma with her arms full of Grandkids. What ever is she going to do when the 3rd comes?
Great Grandma and Great "Papa" Pool with Ian and Charlotte on Christmas Eve

The Kids, minus Matt :( (more on that later)

Our Family

Leaving milk and cookies out for Santa Claus

Christmas morning, waiting to go see the tree
Ian and his Daddy
Mommy's loving smile

Just plain funny if you ask me?

I made this quilt for Ian for Christmas

This was Charlotte's Christmas gift to us that she made at school

We got Charlotte some snow boots. Hopefully they are big enough she can wear her braces in them. They weren't easy to walk in because they were still attached together...but funny photo op.

I think this is Charlotte's favorite gift this Christmas. Her face just ligths up when we let her ride it. She says "bike! bike!"

On Christmas Day, all of my cousins came to my Mother's house. This is a pose of my Grandparents with ALL of their Great Grandkids.

All of the girl cousins, the spouses of the boys and their respective children, minus Ian...

Matt's mission was canceled on Christmas Day. Somehow, Santa found a way to bring him home to us and surprise Laura. What a great Christmas for the two of them.

This is the day after Christmas. Chris had opened and gotten out Charlotte's doll house, and then put her in the box. What a riot! And she knew she was the center of attention!

A picture of all of us before Matt and Laura had to leave... They are moving to England as of this Feb., so we may not all be together again for quite some time.

All in all, such a wonderful time. The little I typed doesn't do the Holiday justice... I loved being home with my family this year.
Jenn Hawn

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