Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Deer oh Deer

We went to the farm this past weekend for Opening Deer Season. Chris is excited about it every year, especially this year since his birthday fell on opening day. Enjoy the pictures and the video at the end. I promise, not pictures of dead deer...

Us getting ready to leave Friday night. Do you like my little hitch-hiker?

Once Uncle Matt started reading with Charlotte, she would hardly let him stop. Can you see her? She gets to wear "camo" with everyone else for deer season... but of course, she has to have a pink bow in her hair when she does.

Opening the birthday card Sharlie picked out for Daddy

Wearing Grandpa Hawn's hunting hat.

In thins picture, I think Charlotte looks just like her Daddy.

I loved this messy face from the must eat meal while at the farm, camper's stew. I coudn't believe how orange her face was and how blue her eyes were.

More books with Grandpa...
You are probably wondering if they got any deer. All the guys saw deer the first day except Chris :( and then he only jumped 2 on the way to his stand on the 2nd day. All were doe, and since they were not shooting doe this weekend, they let them go. But, on the way home, not even a mile from our house, this is what we spotted in the video clip below.

In that single sub-division, we counted 13 deer, 7 of which are in the clip above.
The Hawns

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