Monday, August 18, 2008


I have some wonderful news to report! I am not afraid to report it because I am just sure this time is for good. Charlotte is eating, VERY WELL! We had to make some modifications to her diet (we decided to, were not told to by any doctors) because we knew things just weren't getting anywhere. I am so pleased to say by removing some of the caloric intake she was getting from her milk has helped her have much more of an appetite to actually eat! No gagging, NO vomitting, no refusal of food. For the first time, she is opening her mouth for each bite, wanting more, crawling to her high chair when she is hungry. It is amazing! And we, are loving every moment!

On the other hand, Charlotte's blood pressure isn't fairing quite so well. For about the 3rd time in the past 1-2 months, we have increased her medication. Her body somehow finds a way to raise her blood pressure every time. So, the Dr. has assured me that this is the final time we are going to raise her on this medication, and our next step is to put her in the hospital (probably before the end of this month) to stop one of her medications and start another. So, she is on 2 right now, and will remain on 2. They are just going to try a different combo. We should know for sure by the end of this week what the plan is going to be. It is sad, but at the Dr. today, my blood pressure was lower than my daughters.... :(

We had a normal check-up for our baby today. Good sounding heartbeat, and we discussed when my next ultrasounds will be. My Dr. wants to do the first one around 18 weeks so that we will see the brain anatomy very well.

Enjoy the pictures from this past week/weekend.

Sharlie still loves walking with her walker and also doesn't mind wearing her "special shoes" anymore. She does very well in them now.

Making tracks... I love that grin.

It was a very special ocassion when we got to watch Ian for the first time as Sara went to her Dr. appointment. I snapped some pictures while he spent his first afternoon at Aunt Jenny's house.

I was coming up the stairs from getting something from the basement when we started playing the "who can smash their face more" game. It was really funny!

Charlotte feeds her dolly now if we ask her to. Today, she was getting a nice meal of mustard...yum.

Mucho progress! We are getting there, tile is being layed, the walls have been primed and painted, and the light fixture is up. Tonight we cut more tile for those weird angles.

This past weekend was cousin Ian's Baptism. Here is Charlotte, dressed for the ocassion.

Ian and his Mom & Dad

I have the honor of being one of Ian's sponsors/Godparents. Since I am not Catholic, I am not technically a God Parent, however, I am representing the Methodist faith, as my sister and I are Methodist. Ian will be raised Catholic, but also attend the Methodist church as my sister and Nathan go to both churches every weekend.
Tom Childs is Ian's God Father, the two of us holding Ian.

Family Photos

Finally, ending with Charlotte after her bath tonight. The toothbrush must be ready as soon as she is wrapped in her towel. She loves brushing them. What a great habit to start!

I also wanted to put out a few prayer requests for some friends of ours. One couple recently lost a baby due to genetic complications, and another couple had their baby at 33 weeks gestation, very unexpectadly. Please keep them in your thoughts as they go through the challenges of coping with their situations and trusting in God.

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