Sunday, July 13, 2008

This Week

There have been a lot of happenings this week, so this set of pictures may be a little random. We have had a lot of fun with Grandma Valorie in town for the whole WEEK! and also baby Ian, Sara, Nathan, their family, a visit by Grandpa Davidson & Rob, as well as an early birthday celebration for Chris' Grandma Clara today. Wow! No wonder this week has gone by fast. Here are some pictures.... enjoy.
Grandma arrived on Sunday. She always seems to have a gift or two for Charlotte.

Sunday night, the day before Sara's due date, we all relaxed at our house.

Tuesday evening, the first time Grandma Valorie met her Grandson, Ian.

What a precious little bundle.

So happy he arrived safely... sigh...

Proud Daddy, check out the footprint on his hand.

All dressed up for her first visit to see cousin Ian.

This one brings tears to my eyes...

These pictures are dear to me... I was given this necklace by a co-worker of mine when she found out I was being hospitalized. It is the St. Gerard medal, to protect new or expecting mothers. I wore it day in, day out, never removed it from my neck from the moment she put it on me. I finally was brave enough to remove the medal on New Year's Eve that year that Charlotte was born. When I discovered that my sister was pregnant, I thought it more than suitable that she wear it too, since all I wanted for her was the protection and the strength that God gave me as well. Here, Ian is posed almost identical to a picture I had from when Charlotte was born...

You can't really tell in this picture, but Charlotte got her first pedicure by mommmy that day... pretty pink toes.

Getting ready to spend some time in the sun. I love the one eye look.

Since her pool is no longer functioning (a hole in it :( ) We opted for the water table that day.

Charlotte loved to be sprayed by the water.

Splash Splash

Movie Star...

Dad and Rob brought Charlotte a new "puppy"

Visiting over at Nathan and Sara's on Saturday. This is Nathan's eldest sister, her two boys, Brandon & Whalen, and Charlotte. Charlotte had a great time playing with them, especially Brandon.

Sweet baby...

I just love this little one more than words can truly say.

Posing with Daddy....Nathan, are you used to that yet?
Cruising around Great Grandma Clara's house today, playing with cousin Jefferson.

A house built out of the cardboard box that Great Grandma's present came in. It was a table & chairs for her patio, as well as an umbrella. Charlotte and Jeff enjoyed the cardboard much more. Go figure?

Peek A Boo

Sampling Uncle Matt's ice cream...

Tuckered OUT!

What a Great Week!
The Hawns

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