Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Grant's Farm

Two weeks ago, Charlotte and I went to Grant's Farm with cousin Jeff, Aunt Kristy and Uncle Pat, and also two of their friends Sarah and Jeff. We had a great time and had a memorable day that we will probably talk about in years to come. **Chris stayed home and worked on the bathroom with some of his work friends...thanks Chris!

I was actually surprised that Charlotte didn't try to drink from the bottle once, as we have only stopped them in the past month.

Making the "Baaa" noise like sheep (yes, I know they are goats, but humor the girl will you?)

Pat and Jeff, surrounded

At one point, there were 2 goats nibbling at the ruffles on the pockets of Charlotte's shorts. She wasn't scared at all.

I was exhausted at the end of the day and Pat was nice enough to hold Charlotte up to pet one of the baby Clydesdales.

This isn't Grant's Farm, but Charlotte likes our back yard just the same.

Some pictures of the flooding up by 370. Just beyond that hillside is Chris' Aunt Joyce's house. Luckily she lives on the hill...
The Hawns

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