Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Special Things

Here is a video I created tonight of recent "footage" of Charlotte and pictures. (Dont' forget to turn off the sound of the playlist at the bottom of the site).

I am sure you are probably wondering why she is brushing her teeth while getting her hair cut. It is one of the best distractions we could come up with since she loves to brush them so much :) The walker has found permanent residence in our home for is on loan from Charlotte's PT. She likes to walk with it, but judging how fast she was already walking today, I bet she won't need it for long. Charlotte also had a great time with my family this past weekend, I am so glad that you all came!

And finally, some pictures from Sara's baby shower. I am so glad that we pulled off the surprise. Please enjoy.

The Hawns

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Aunt Ellen said...

I watched the 2 videos just now and they were just...well I can't put it into words. Seeing Charlotte walking is such a good thing as Martha would say. The homage to your sister was so touching. Of course, Sara and Nathan are so dear to me that the tears just flowed. Thank you! The song choices were perfect.
Aunt Ellen