Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great Great Grandma Sara Pool

I just wanted to share with you all what a special Great Great Grandmother Charlotte has had the pleasure to know and meet. I have known her myself for 25 years and am so thankful to have learned some of her wisdom and know her as well as I have.
Sara Harriet Pool is her name, my sister is her name-sake. She passed away the day after her 97th birthday this past Saturday, April 5th 2008. Her family was by her side, holding her hand and there as she took her last breath. It is hard to say goodbye to those you love, but she was hurting and in pain, and now we are all glad that she is no longer suffering, and hopefully reunited with her husband and other loved ones in our family that have gone before her.
She had a long life, had 2 sons, Ron, my Papa and another son John. She never had any daughters, but when we had Charlotte and announced her name, she told me that that was her favorite name, it was her Grandmother's middle name, so in a way, Charlotte is a name-sake from her family also. She was also loved very much by her 5 Grandchildren, 12 Great Grandchildren and 2 Great Great Grandchildren.
Thanksgiving 2006 - Sara Pool, Ronald Pool, Valorie Davison, Jennifer Hawn & Charlotte Hawn...5 Generations
Another thing about her that I have always loved is that she was a nurse too, and she has always been proud of the nurses in her family, my sister and myself included, as well as our Second Cousin Melanie and Aunt Vicky. I also loved her blunt nature, how she always told you what she thought. I think that is the nurse in her too, just telling it like it is. Another thing that was so amazing about her were the stories from the old days, but also how she would watch CNN and keep up with Royals Baseball, and KU Basketball. She always knew what was going on, and I think she knew that she had also reached her 97th Birthday...
The afghan was one she made for the first girl Great Great Grandchild.
My mother and Grandparent's, Ron and Pauline have spent countless hours at her side over the past few weeks, just to be sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed. I know that even if she wasn't always awake to know they were there that she truly felt their presence and the love they had for her. They cared for her the best they could for countless years before she was sick and I know she was greatful to have family that showed their love and were there for her when she needed them. I truly feel there is no greater gift than that of a loving family, and this situation just proves it to me that much more.

As you can see, all of the pictures are with Charlotte, but what I feel is most amazing is just the strength that she has had all the years, and the reward to hold and kiss a Great Great Grandchild is beyond amazing. I know that she will continue to watch her thrive and grow and will be a guardian angel for our little girl. She loved her so much, and even when she was ill the last time I saw here, when Charlotte came in the room, she lit up. I will never forget how much she cared for our daughter.
January - 2008
Thank you for reading this entry and learning about a woman that I will never forget. Please keep my family in your prayers as we say our goodbye's and also lift her up to the Lord.
Jennifer Hawn

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dickinsonfamily said...

I am so happy for your family, that you got to know her. To get to hold a great-great-grandchild is so rare. How special!

Your family will be in our prayers this week. I always enjoy thinking of all the reunions that are going on in Heaven when a loved one passes away.

Also, a good book that helped when my grandmother passed away is "90 minutes in Heaven" Very uplifting story. A glimpse of the reality of our faith.