Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pictures & Progress

This was taken last weekend when Chris helped his brother Pat, put up tile in the bathroom they are remodeling. Charlotte and her cousin Jefferson were kicking back for some R&R on the couch.

Charlotte can now do the stairs with a spotter of course. We discovered that she could crawl up them when we were down there one day, she went out of our sight for about 2 minutes and we heard thud thud on the stairs. Good thing that was the sound of her hands on them, and not her tumbling down. It was awesome to see she was brave enough to give it a try herself, but now we also must close the basement door when we go downstairs to prevent any more surprise climbs. We practicing climbing the stairs at least once a day now. They are like a mountain to her...but she just keeps going till she gets to the top.
Playin' with some pots and sucking on snot...eeeewwwww.

What temperature did you say?

Preparing to go venture in the snow for the first time. We dressed her in tights, onesie, long sleeved onesie, pants, jacket, shoes, plastic over shoes, daddy's socks over shoes, snow pants, mittens, plastic over mittens, bigger mittens, coat and hat. All of this = one pink marshmallow.

As we were headed outside, we saw that our neighbors, the Fourths, were out enjoying the snow also, so we decided to go & play too.

This is Audrey, Nancy & Katie Fourth.

Charlotte's trip down their hill on the sled with Mommy.

Audrey, Thomas, Nancy & Katie Fourth, thanks for letting us come play with you!

I am pleased to announce that the Demolition of our bathroom began on schedule today. We accomplished a lot, and just like any good Do-It-Yourselfer would do, we made a trip to The Home Depot and spent a bunch of money too!!! It will all be worth it in the end. On our list of improvements is basically ripping EVERYTHING out of the bathroom, installing a new shower, doors, vanity, mirror/medicine cabinet, toilet, tiling the floor, and installing a pocket door. We had a good day, and of course the demo was good therapy for us both.
Charlotte sporting some Mardi Gras beads, but her Daddy gave her these...
The Hawns