Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! This has been a bit of a different year for us, but still, we are even more thankful for each other, our family, friends, and of course the most special valentine in our lives, Charlotte. Our tradition every year is to cook a "gourmet" meal, or something we haven't tried before. This year, we aren't going as "gourmet" as we have in the past, but filet mingon sounded like it would hit the spot, so that is on the menu for tonight as well as some asparagus, baked potatoes, rolls, and brownies with ice cream for desert. Oh, almost forgot the nice bottle of wine Chris picked up on his way home. That may be polished off before the night is over??

Here are some pictures of our cutie this evening. We spent most of the day at Children's Hospital, meeting with Charlotte's surgeon and the anesthesiologists. Charlotte's surgery is scheduled for Feb. 22, next Friday. They could have done it as soon as Monday, but the surgeon told us to prepare for 3-5 days in the hospital, and we didn't want him missing an entire week of work. Also, maybe, just maybe, that will give us a better idea if the Reglan is working for her or not. Ironically, Charlotte finished her morning bottle and dinner bottle tonight (6.5 oz) and she hasn't finished a single bottle in probably 2 months. Of course it is the day we meet with the surgeon... What do you think she is trying to tell us? Or is she just trying to confuse us? No matter what, at least we have a week to try and figure it out and see if it lasts. Ok, Ok, enough talk from me, here are the pictures.

Checking out the Valentine's she got from Audrey & Katie Forth across the street. Also, notice her pink sparkle shoes, she got from Aunt Kristy, Uncle Pat & cousin Jeff for Valentine's Day. Charlotte got many compliments on them while at the hospital today.


Daddy's Valentine's

Showing off her "heart breaker" p.j.'s

Getting some love from Daddy

Goodnight All.

The Hawns

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