Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got to spend some quality time with family. Despite Jenn having to work 8 hours on Christmas, we still got to spend a lot of time with the Hawn side, but because Charlotte was sick on Dec. 18-20, we were unable to go home to see Jenn's family in Kansas :( So, we still have some Christmas spirit left in us at our house, and can't wait to go home and see her family in January.
But, here are some of the pictures we took from the Holidays. We hope you enjoy them.
Charlotte got many great gifts, and it was so wonderful seeing her huge smile over and over again these past few days. The 3 of us really got to spend some quality time together, which was much needed.

Here she is playing with a ball. She loves the game passing it back and forth. We think she is even getting somewhere close to learning how to say ball?? or maybe just ba, but close enough right?

These are the Hawn Women, this picture was taken on Christmas Eve

Snuggling with Daddy late on Christmas Eve as Mommy prepared her bottle and got the milk and cookies ready for Santa.

If you can see, there are 5 cookies on the plate. But, when we came back in the room after putting Charlotte to bed, there were only 4. Yes, Gracie thought her name was Santa I guess.
Merry Christmas!! You get Charlotte!

Playing with Jefferson's toy. They really look like twins now.
Pat & Kristy got the kids these rocking chairs. Charlotte's has her name on it too.
Just one of the adorable, infectious smiles we were blessed with this year.
Grandma & Grandpa Hawn got this couch/pull out bed for Charlotte that has a sleeping bag attached to it. She loves crawling all over it. Slumber parties, here we come.
Our Family....
Opening a gift from Sara and Nathan. They came over to our house Christmas night after we left the Hawns. We had Christmas ALL DAY!
And Happy New Year! Not the greatest picture, but hey, we took it ourselves. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has listened to us, uplifted us, and kept us in their prayers. We have needed you all so much, and have been blessed with many family & friends that care about us. We hope that the coming year brings many more triumphs than challenges, and we are anticipating many wonderful times. We wish all of you the best as well!
The Hawns

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Anonymous said...

Charlotte is ADORABLE! Her smile is so cute and the photo of her in the pullout couch is priceless. Happy New Year!

Angie, Dave, Maggie and Sam Stonner