Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Growing up & Pulling up

Here's our little thrill seeker having some fun up at the farm in a box a few weekends ago. This was right before Halloween and with all of the Halloween pictures, I just hadn't posted these, but I loved the look on her face as she was playing with the empty box. Or, shall I say playing in.

This picture is proof of our girl growing up as she practices pulling up. She had physical therapy today, and was pulling up with ease at the edge of the couch, and also for the first time on Monday, I walked into her room to get in her in the morning, only to find her standing inside her crib looking at me with a huge smile on her face. I am so proud that she is learning so much. We even began encouraging her to start cruising today. We took the couch cushions off and turned our living room into a jungle-gym. It was so much fun and Charlotte had a blast crawling all around and pulling up. The therapist was very impressed by how much her balance has improved in the past 2 weeks alone.

This picture was taken outside the other day. Charlotte was very interested in the crunching of the leaves.

Finally, I just wanted to let everyone know that Chris' chromosome results came back with the same change on the 13th chromosome that Charlotte has. (They are alike in more ways than we even know ;-) So, this means that the "change" that they found cannot be responsible for Charlotte's brain abnormality. Chris is just too "normal" to have the same one... I can't believe I just said that! Anyway, off to the geneticist we go tomorrow to sort what this all means out with her once again. We are hoping for good news, and maybe, just maybe, hoping to hear her say that this was just a fluke...?? And, more importantly, won't happen agian... However, we must also prepare ourselves to hear that she doesn't know why, and for her to say that it can happen again. Anyway, I'll update you later about how our appointment goes tomorrow. Have a great evening!

The Hawns

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Anonymous said...

Jenn, Chris and Charlotte,
Just reading your blog spot, I am so excited for you all, and yes what a difference a year makes!
She is just beautiful and I swear she looks more like Chris everyday! Keep up the amazing work, all of you, she is an inspiration to my whole family and anyone who reads about her....Just went to the pediatrician today and she suggests Izzy have Carnation instant breakfast everyday for the calories and the vitamins, just thought I would pass that along to you since we were talking about that last week, and my old suggestion Hormel Beef stew in the can, you can't go wrong there. Wishing you all only the best for this upcoming Thanksgiving season, Oh, how much we all have to be thankful for! God bless you all and hope to see you and Charlotte sometime soon :)

Amy Stepp and Family